Our vice prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdullah Gul,our Kazakhstan Ambassadorand the commission with them visited our Astana worksite.
The President of Ukraine, Mr. Yushenko, accepted Mr. Süleyman Hamit Müftigil, who is one of the founder partners of our company, during his visit to Kazakhstan and has obtained information about our activities in Ukraine.  

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We have completed 30 years in construction, communication and energy sectors in all areas of undertaking such as feasibility, engineering, construction, assembly, operation – maintenance, sales, giving high priority to quality and trust.

 Restructuring of our group has become necessary for us to continue our existence in the national and international arena originating from the reality that fast, correct information is the most important factor affecting quality and cost and that there is an intense competition in the globalizing world. In this respect, the companies Enerji Yapı, Akyapı, All-green, Yapı Telekom, Ukradbud, Yapı KZ have been gathered under the roof of Yapı Grup A.Ş. and furthermore, a general cooperation has been made with Piramit A.Ş., which is among the biggest architecture offices of our country.

 Business – Shopping Centers, dwelling construction, energy and telecommunication lines, hospitals, industrial facilities, bridges, including infrastructure and environmental planning, are included within our scope of activity.

 Yapı Grup, which has completed important projects with its expert staff especially in Russia, Central Asia countries and Ukraine is continuing its activities with enlargement in the same regions since 1992 .