Turkish son - in - law of Ukraine (17.04.2006 Akşam Newspaper)    



Enerji Yapı, which has almost no investments in Turkey and which obtains 90% of its turnover from the projects abroad, has been awarded with the work of a bridge worth of 1 billion dollars. Enerji Yapı has also its signature under the greatest building of Ukraine.
Enerji Yapı is a company that is not much known in Turkey. 90 percent of its turnover consists of the projects abroad. It puts its signature under some private projects in Turkey but does not participate to public tenders. But it has serious investments in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. It constructs residences, shopping centers and dwellings. The Chairman of the board of Directors, Süleyman Mütfigil emphasizes that they have been performing constructions abroad for 15 years. Müftigil, who said that they had 6 projects continuing in Ukraine and Kazakhstan adds: "Our relations are very good. We can rise this number to 16 whenever we desire". The most important agenda of Enerji Yapı nowadays is the 1 billion dollar bridge work in Ukraine, the base of which was laid 6 years before but suspended with the change in the government. Mütfigil says that the project will be resumed together with the new government coming after the elections.


Müftigil explains the issue, which has been taken too long, as follows: "This project, which includes the construction of bridge and road, is based 6 years before. Just as our Marmaray issue. Governments came, governments went, some of them suspended the work, some of them said "let's start again" and the work took too long time. But at last, it is commenced. We have a Japanese partner. Our loans are ready. We laid the base in 2000, we made a beginning. Thereafter it has been stopped. We restarted, but it stopped again when the municipalities were changed. This project will be completed sooner or later.


Enerji Yapı, which has been performing constructions abroad for 15 years, also has some projects in Turkey. But since 2000, it does not make any works for the public sector. Mütfigil explains this issue as follows: "We do not have any works with the state. You are awarded with a work in public tenders in Turkey either with very big discounts or you have to show some political efforts, which is not our work. We have not been in any political activities in Turkey. When we asked about the photographs taken with government authorities at their worksites to Müftigil, he said "We have always been in good relations with the government. If you are doing your work well, it is not necessary for you to be in good relations with the government, the government will be in good relations with you. We are making constructions abroad; they come and see our worksites".


Similar projects of Enerji Yapı worth of 55 - 60 million dollars are continuing in Kazakhstan. Müftigil emphasizes that since Kazakhstan is richer due to oil, the buildings constructed there are more "fantasized". The architectural structures of the buildings are more artistic, the buildings are dressier and he explains the shopping center they are constructing as "twice Akmerkez, as a work of art". Mütfigil says "We will be awarded with the same amount of work this year in Kazakshstan and Ukraine. For example, we have a plan for a very big collective dwelling project in Kazakhstan. We made the arrangements for its place." All of these works of Enerji Yapı are being performed by affiliated companies founded in those countries.


The latest project performed by Enerji Yapı in Turkey is the 55- villa Greenpark site in Sarıyer. The company has kept its tight - lipped attitude also for this project. Müftigil says "We did not make any advertisements and we did not give any announcements. We sold almost all of those villas to the people around us. It has been a project worth of approximately 20 million dollars". Mütfigil emphasizes that they have a greater dwelling project for high and medium story dwellings with a greater diameter and that they are at the stage of design to be constructed in the country. When we ask "Do you plan to come to the front with these new projects in the country?", Müftigil says "If you mean making announcements, no, we do not plan that. If you are qualified, everybody looks for you and finds you. A jewelry seller does not need to give ads since he already sells qualified goods. There are very good firms, which are not advertised, which are not declared, in every sector in Turkey.